Hey, Toki!

Fun·Witty·FriendlyChildren’s play buddy
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Toki utilizes facial recognition to hold customized conversations with
each family member, and even initiates conversations on her own.
She accompanies children in their daily lives as a play and study buddy.

Things I Can Do

01 AI Conversation Service
  • Holds customized conversations based on facial recognition
  • Answers questions based on Wikipedia searches
  • Engages in conversations for both recreation and education
  • Launches apps upon receiving voice commands
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02 English Education Service
  • Helps practice English speaking through conversational dialogues
  • Encompasses elementary school level reading material
    created by American publishers
  • Engages in listening, reading, and speaking practice
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03 Friendly Family Service Learn More

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04 Creative Play Service
  • Utilize the Toki Mobile App to code up
    the robot’s speech and behavior yourself
  • Control the robot’s movement with the remote control system